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Textile Maker-space

Believe it or not, the days for the usage of smart monitoring devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, Oximeter, Accelerometer are over! The textile MAKERSPACE at Karl Mayer is the ultimate innovative platform that creates technologies that are beyond textile production alone. It can be applied on Wearables, Smart or Intelligent textiles, Interactive textiles, Additive manufacturing, 3D- printing or coating, New textile surface and New textile production.

With its Worldwide locations in Japan (R&D center) , China (PR) and its Headquarter in Obertshausen, Germany, you are now able to customize your own warp knitted products for active & sportswear, lingerie, outdoor, automotive and agricultural fabrics.


With years into the making, Karl Meyer, the German knitting giant, has achieved an exclusive on demand technology employing tailored fiber placement of functional yarns directly into the textile process.

3 dimensional sensors

It all starts with the warp knitting technique , where 3 strategically three dimensional sensors are placed into the textile. The greater the dimension with skin contact, the better. The signals are improved and this equals looser fit garments and more variations of design.

The first test was done on the Smart Shirt. For each of its 3 sensors, 5 conductive materials are integrated as threads. It allows the measurement of temperature, heartbeat and humidity of the wearer.


This bi- elastic fabric can also utilize different types of conductive materials, as shown on the picture below, and also allows logos and zones to be placed as a Jacquard.

The Textile Control Panel

This textile remote control is conducted on a Multibar-machine of KARL MAYER. The conductive threads create buttons that instantly send a signal to the robot while being touched.

The functions can be integrated to different ground structures that might be rigid or elastic.

These control panels can be used for different applications. At this point of development the wearer is able to literally interact and "play" with robotics.

Please see example as follows: