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Creative process - The Vignelli's and Karim Rashid - What is their importance in our lives?

Lately I have been wondering about what a real creative process should be like, and how it reflects on my client’s daily experiences.

Some designers are beyond our time and provide us a guideline on how to achieve that faster. I feel the obligation of mentioning three of the most influential ones in my life and maybe our century: Karim Rashid and the Italian power couple Massimo and Lella Vignelli.

Both have an amazing resemblance: They design products with a huge variety of categories (furniture, packaging’s, subways graphics, logos, and off course every day utensils) with one goal in mind - Function and timeless aesthetic.

Designing a garment, accessory or any creation that slips into a piece of paper with the magical touch of graphite making its shape from concept to completion requires more than demands being humble, simple and above all, providing timeless pieces.

For those of you who haven’t watched the Vignelli's, documentary, here is a great opportunity of learning more about their fascinating journey from visionaries and immigrants coming from Italy to NY and making the American dream possible, as well as showcasing the world how life can become simpler and an easier place to live in.

From working with Knoll, NY transport system, churches, schools, American Airlines (which hasn't changed their graphic design since, thanks to Massimo's Helvetica obsession) and many more, it will definitely make you think twice on spending so much time on your developments.