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Textiles interactions

Fall has finally arrived! ...Its that fabulous time of the year where buttery smells mix with pumpkin, cinnamon, cardamom and many other spices into your work area or home.


It's also part of great get together on festive holidays, whether it’s with your family members, friends or coworkers.

This is the time to have essential garments that have soft layering textiles that blend into the environment (eco-friendly and pet-friendly as well) and look gorgeous on your day to day routines: Walking down a city landscape or a cozy weekend on the countryside.....


And a must have: Heirloom Sweater Boots $62

and also add the amazing and my favorite Campside socks from JCrew:


BEAUTY : On the beauty note, some of my favorites are listed below:

ACNE AIDS BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Z-Stick, $65: To quickly treat flare-ups, patients of New York dermatologist Neal Schultz live by his custom-blended blemish stick and see results in as little as 24 hours. "The combined potency of triamcinolone and tea tree oil reduces inflammation, and clindamycin kills the bacteria," explains Schultz.


RINKLE RELAXERS Teoxane RHA Serum, $185 Fans refer to this Swiss-made RHA (Resilient Hyaluronic Acid) serum as filler in a bottle. "Unlike most hyaluronic acids, which rapidly break down before penetrating the skin, Teoxane's HA is cross-linked and durable," says New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, which means it keeps wrinkles plumped all day long.

rha-serum_0 (1).png

Rejuvenex Ultra Hi-Power Capsules, $62 for 180: Ladies of every age pop four to six of these antioxidant-rich supplements daily to tighten skin and banish fine lines. They're loaded with astaxanthin (which improves skin elasticity), vitamins, and a dose of resveratrol equivalent to the amount in 500 glasses of red wine, but "what really sparked my interest was [the ingredient] RNA [ribonucleic acid]," says New York dermatologist Francesca Fusco, who takes the vitamin daily. "Research shows that it can promote an antiaging response in your body."


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